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3 Considerations for Better Storytelling with SlideShare

3 Considerations for Better Storytelling with SlideShare

SlideShare is an underutilized, but highly effective content channel for connecting with B2B customers. But it takes more than just uploading a slide deck from your most recent product marketing presentation to engage with your audience. So what are the keys to knocking it out of the park with SlideShare? Providing a valuable learning or entertainment experience, telling a compelling visual story, and giving your audience a way to connect with your company to go deeper on the topic. In this post, I'll walk you through these three key elements, and give you a peek into my typical SlideShare creation process.

What Constitutes a Valuable SlideShare Experience?

SlideShare can be a great way for extending the reach of your proprietary research, nurturing your influencer relationships by co-creating content with them, or even just connecting with your audience in an unexpected way. The best slideshare presentations leave you with the feeling you got a good return on the investment of the time you spent flipping through the slides.

To find out what resonates with your network, you’ll want to experiment with different formats and topics and see what gets the most traction. A good way to do this is by repurposing some of your current, successful content as a SlideShare.

So what kind of content works well for repurposing? Pretty much any solid, informative or entertaining piece of content that you already know your audience is interested in— whitepapers, infographics, research results, and even webinars.

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Visual Content Marketing Inspiration: The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Need some inspiration for your next content marketing project? Print out this awesome Periodic Table of Content Marketing from eConsultancy and tack it up on your wall. That should do the trick!

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing, by Chris Lake.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing


Not only does this infographic provide a great overview of the many channels, content types, and formats you can consider adding to the mix, it's also a nice example of how much more digestable checklists and other information-dense content can be when presented in a visual format. 

I'm adding this to my library of tools to use for talking with new clients about their content marketing strategy-- it's sure to get the conversation started and the ideas flowing. For more visual marketing inspiration, check out my Social Media Marketing 101 Pinterest board.