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February 6 Content Chat Recap: How to Land an Awesome Content or Community Management Job

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How to Land an Awesome Content or Community Management Job

During our end of the year wrap-up chat, several regulars said they'd love to have a brainstorming session on how to land your dream job. Chat regular Ken Gordon (@quickmuse) joined us this week to lead that conversation.

We kicked off with a poll to see if most of us were creating our own jobs, having them created for us, or applying for open jobs. Although there wasn't a clear consensus, what's important to note is a number of chat participants have jobs that weren't landed as a result of replying to a job listing. 

Q1: What is your community management or content marketing dream job?

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Kicking off Q4 2016 with a Bang!


I've been quieter than usual on social media for the past three weeks, but with good reason!

As you may have guessed from the Jack Skellington-bedecked Haunted Mansion photo at the top of this post, I've been on a much-needed vacation. 

Thanks to #ContentChat regular—and my friend—Wayne Hendry my absence hardly made a blip in your Monday afternoon routine. Thank you so much for stepping in for me, Wayne! I appreciated knowing everything was in good hands while I enjoyed the SoCal sunshine.

The other reason I've been quiet is I've been keeping something under wraps that I'm incredibly excited about.

But now that Gini has spilled the beans I can also share the news: I'm now the Chief Content Officer for Arment Dietrich and Spin Sucks!

Gini and I share a passion for professional development, and the belief that communicators need better training and tools to adapt to the world of modern PR, and that's where Spin Sucks comes in. I'm looking forward to helping the team grow the amazing Spin Sucks community.

And never fear—my hosting of #ContentChat isn't going anywhere. I'll still be there and ready to chat every Monday at 12 noon pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern. But now I'll have the Spin Sucks team behind me as well.

I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us.

Invest in Yourself or Become Obsolete: Schedule Time for Your Professional Development

Invest in Yourself

Several years ago, in a marketing team meeting, as we discussed our professional development plans for the upcoming quarter, one of my colleagues blurted out "I don't have time to for professional development. I'm too busy. I can't take a day to go to a conference or a workshop."

Neither our boss nor the rest of the team let her off easy on that comment. The marketing landscape is changing every day, with new tools and tactics to be aware of coming at you all the time. If you simply throw up your hands and say "I'm too busy!", where do you see your career heading? 

My friend Gini Dietrich brought this up over on the Spin Sucks blog recently. And since professional development for content marketers was the topic of my recent #CMworld chat, this seems like a great time to share some of my favorite tips and resources for professional development.

Start by creating a professional development plan

I know planning is an often overlooked activity in the content marketing world, but the best way to ensure you're focusing your limited time and resources on the right professional development activities is to document your professional development plan. What are the areas you need to focus on to reach your professional goals over the next 12 months? And what activities can get you there? Yes, paid training and conferences should be in the mix but so should on-the-job projects and committees, volunteer work, company sponsored training, books, blogs, white papers, podcasts, and industry networking activities. I created a helpful template for getting your career development plan organized, and recommend you start there.

Useful educational resources for content marketers


OK, now that you have your career development plan documented, what are some of the external resources you should check out? One of my primary ways of keeping professional development front-and-center on a daily basis is by reading a range of informative content marketing and social media blogs. My current favorites include Marketing Profs, Content Marketing Institute, and Social Media Examiner. I've captured more of my favorite blogs, which I read every week, in this list.ly: Must-read content marketing and social media blogs


Podcasts make up another big chunk of my weekly professional development time, thanks in large part to their portability. I can listen to them during my daily commute, or while doing chores around the house. I listen to This American Life and CMI's This Old Marketing every week, and listen to a number of other podcasts when the special guest or topic is of interest.

Twitter Chats

As time allows, I also participate in a number of recurring twitter chats on marketing topics. It's amazing how much you can learn from your peers. And best of all, unlike some of the other learning venues, twitter chats are interactive, and provide you with the opportunity to ask your peers questions that can help you improve your skills and work process,


I'm a big proponent of carving out time to attend industry conferences like Content Marketing World. Unlike self-study opportunities which can often be interrupted by your day-to-day responsibilities, packing your bags and heading to a conference provides you with a focused, immersive learning experience. For a comprehensive list of national and regional conferences, check out this post from Curata.

Extracurricular Activities

For my own professional development, I've frequently taken on freelance or volunteer positions outside of my regular job that would allow me to build out new skills. That has the added benefit of providing fuel for your LinkedIn profile, and broadening your professional network while making yourself more employable. My moonlighting gigs allowed me to explore podcasting, learn how to build online communities, keep my arts and entertainment writing dream alive, and gain hands-on social media strategy experience. All of which helped keep me engaged in my current full time job, while preparing me for taking on new challenges in future roles.

So, how about it? Are you ready to take charge of your professional development? What do you want to learn next?