July 18 Content Chat Recap: Making the Case for Content Marketing Innovation


My friend Amy Higgins, Head of Content Marketing for Zozi, was our special guest for this week's #ContentChat, where she shared her tips for getting executive buy-in for your content marketing innovation efforts. 


Join us next week as Troy Sandidge (@Troy_Sandidge) talks about global content marketing best practices.


July 11 Content Chat Recap: Marketing Your Content and Your Brand to Employees

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July 11 Content Chat Recap: Marketing Your Content and Your Brand to Employees

#ContentChat regular Wayne Hendry aka @ideakid88 was in the hot seat this week, sharing his thoughts on how to best market your brand and your content to employees.




Next week, we welcome Amy Higgins @amywhiggins to share her secrets for gaining executive buy-in for content marketing innovation. 

Sharing My Passion for Baking Through Erika's Gluten-free Kitchen


A few months ago, I ran into the ever-inspiring Joe Pulizzi at a conference. After our conversation, I reflected on the fact that I'd spent the past two years incredibly focused on creating awesome content for my in-house and external clients at the expense of writing for myself.

Both agency life and start-up life can be all-consuming. And if I'm spending the bulk of my work hours creating content, especially if it's highly involved, B2B content, which it often is, I don't have the time or creative juices leftover at the end of the day to spend time on my personal writing projects. Hence this blog being woefully neglected, as was my World of Warcraft blog. Heck, I didn't even get around to chronicling our holiday Rhine River cruise!

But talking to Joe, and later, reading this article on the benefits of passion projects, made me prioritize getting back on track with my own writing, starting with this blog.

I also decided to put some time into a more personal passion project, Erika's Gluten-free Kitchen. This new blog is a place where I can capture what I've learned and how I'm progressing in my pursuit of creating tasty yet low-FODMAP food for our family, and learning how to bake without gluten (which is a challenge, even as an experienced and enthusiastic home baker!)

The final part of that pursuing my passion puzzle is raising my hand to host the weekly #ContentChat, Mondays at 12 noon Pacific/ 3:00 p.m. Eastern. It's been so much fun combining my passions for twitter, content marketing, and professional development into one fun project. I hope you stop by and take part in a future Content Chat.

So that's my mid-year update. What are YOU doing to follow your passion? I want to hear about it!

June 27 Content Chat Recap: Creating a Writing Process That Works


This week on #ContentChat we had the pleasure of hosting Anne Janzer, (@AnneJanzer), author of "The Writer's Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear," who shared her secrets for creating a more effective writing process. If you have ever struggled with balancing your creative side with hitting your writing deadlines, this #ContentChat recap has tips for you.



We'll be taking a week off from #ContentChat in observance of the Independence Day holiday, and will be back in action on Monday, July 11, with community member Wayne Hendry (@Ideakid88) talking about marketing your content and your brand to employees.

See you at the next chat!

June 20 Content Chat Recap: Editorial Calendars and Content Workflow Best Practices

I've been a participant in the #ContentChat community for several years, including a couple of special guest slots. Originated by Jenise Stout Fryatt of Smarter Shift, and handed off to Lucy Rendler-Kaplan at the beginning of this year, the chat has become a place for content creators and content marketers to share their tips and best practices (not to mention their favorite GIFs). Two weeks ago, Lucy handed me the reigns of the chat, as her new work schedule and other commitments didn't leave her with the time to dedicate to planning and hosting the weekly chats.

I'm incredibly excited to have the opportunity to keep this dynamic twitter community's mojo flowing, and am working on scheduling special guests on a range of topics suggested by our regular participants. If you have a topic suggestion, or would like to be a guest on a future chat, reach out to me on twitter @sferika, or email me at erika[at]erikaheald[DOT]com.


Join us for the next #ContentChat twitter chat on Monday, June 27, at noon Pacific, 3:00 p.m. Eastern as Anne Janzer (@AnneJanzer), author of "The Writer's Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear" shares her secrets for creating a more effective writing process.

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